Media & Entertainment

Our Media & Entertainment Practice is focused on finding strong and creative leadership. We are industry experts who have established relationships across all areas of the global media platform, along with firsthand knowledge of the industry and a deep understanding of the ever changing new media channels. We identify flexible and forward-thinking executives with strong commercial and strategic skills, solid innovative capabilities, and the ability to effectively lead evolving companies in a rapidly changing and competitive market. We strive to assist some of the most successful entrepreneurial businesses as well as many of the more established traditional media companies to enhance their leadership. We understand the nuances involved in pursuing traditional versus evolutionary change, and its talent choice ramifications. Our deep understanding of the business spreads across all media verticals, especially where content intersects with consumer interests and behavior. Areas of specific expertise include:

  • Film and Television (production / distribution)
  • Broadcasting
  • Video Gaming
  • Agency
  • Publishing
  • Music
  • New and Social Media